Aims and objectives

In order to explore this attempt to implement an EU-wide vocational training scheme from a VET perspective and in order to investigate further into this occupation with rapidly changing and increasing qualification requirements and an alarming shortage of qualified personnel, this projects intends to:

  • explore currently offered as well as with implementation of directive 2003/59/EC replaced or superseded VET opportunities for this occupation in the countries regarding the quantitative and qualitative impact and regarding their ability to increase road safety by decreasing the shortage of qualified professional drivers,
  • define a job/qualification profile for this occupation that describes skills, knowledge and competencies (compatible with the EQF) needed to perform competently in the workplace and therefore to create conditions for employability,
  • draft an EQF based set of educational standards for basic and continuous VET of professional drivers based on projects findings, current European VET developments and directive 2003/59/EC with a strong focus on labour market  needs, on the characteristics of this occupation and on the facilitation of the lifelong learning and individual education pathways of persons working in this occupation,
  • raise awareness for the qualification requirements necessary to perform competently in this job and
  • draw conclusions from the projects findings for future attempts to develop directive 2003/59/EC further.

Furthermore this project makes a step into so far uncharted terrain because directive 2003/59/EC allows to keep record of strategies, effects and consequences from this attempt to introduce an EU-wide common VET scheme. Thus it is another objective of this project to look at this attempt from a scientific perspective and to research and to discuss this case.