DEKRA Akademie GmbH, DE

DEKRA Akademie, together with its affiliate, DEKRA Qualification, is one of the leading educational providers in Germany and boasts more than 30 years of experience in vocational and further education. In more than 100 permanent locations, DEKRA Akademie offers a wide range of products and services, including day seminars as well as tailor-made long-term training concepts. Eight decentralized competence centres are in charge of developing and maintaining various product lines: transport, logistics, craft and industry, commerce, IT and media. DEKRA Akademie is a subsidiary of DEKRA AG (Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungsverein). DEKRA, founded in 1925 as a non-profit institute for inspecting cars, is now operating in more than 24 countries world-wide, employing 21.000 people and providing a number of services around the automotive industry.

Websites: www.dekra-akademie.de or www.dekra-akademie.com

Company presentation, Oct. 2010

DEKRA Akademies role in ProfDRV

DEKRA Akademie coordinates the overall project ProfDRV and is therefore responsible for the overall project management, furthermore DEKRA contributes to all workpackages in its role as an expert on and a VET provider of professional driver training and supports the different WP leaders in workpackage implementation.

DEKRA Akademie GmbH implements/ contributes/-ed to several European project and initiatives related to the ProfDRV project such as:

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