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3s research laboratory is one of the leading VET-research organisations in Austria. The activities of 3s research laboratory focus on the interface between education and the labour market.

Our present research interests are:

  • European Transparency Instruments (EQF, NQF, ECVET)
  • Learning outcomes orientation
  • Validation of non-formal and informal learning
  • Permeability in education and training and lifelong learning
  • Development and quality assurance in vocational education and training
  • Financing of continuing vocational education and training in Austria and Europe
  • Labour market and qualification structures in Austria

3s is an experienced co-ordinator of Leonardo da Vinci Projects (e.g. VQTS – that has received the Helsinki Award 2006 and the Lifelong Leraning Award 2007 in gold) and experienced partner in several European projects (Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, LLP, European Commission, Cedefop). 3s is member of the Austrian Reference Network from Cedefop and is providing expertise to Austrian Ministries (e.g. regarding EQF/NQF and related topics like the implementation of ECVET in Austria, the certification of continuing vocational training in companies, quality assurance etc.). Presently, 3s is providing expertise to the European Commission for the further development and implementation of the EQF and is involved in several Euro pean projects related to EQF/NQF/sectoral QF and ECVET.

Website: www.3s.co.at
Company presentation, October 2010

role in the project ProfDRV

3s research laboratory is coordinator of WP6 “Exploring the implementation of directive 2003/59/EC” and contributes to all other workpackages.

Within workpackage 6 all steps gone within the project will be reviewed to collect data on the implementation of directive 2003/59/EC in order to document this attempt to introduce a common VET scheme from EU level including coping strategies used at national level as well as its effects and consequences in a case study. It studies this case not related to the topic of professional driver training but related to European and national education policy. If necessary, additional stakeholder interviews and desk research will be conducted in order to close the gap between information already available from other workpackages and information required in order to develop a comprehensive case study on this case.

This case study and its discussion will be published as a separate article/publication in appropriate journals in order to be available as reference for further discussion of this case on a scientific and policy level.

Involvement in related projects

  • VQTS II – Vocational Qualification Transfer System II, LLL 2007-2009, www.vocationalqualification.com
  • DISCO – European Dictionary on Skills and Competencies www.skills-translator.net
  • EQF-Ref – EQF Referencing Process – Examples and Proposals, LLL 2009-2011, www.eqf-ref.eu 
  • EQF Predict: EQF-adapted educational elements in a predictable framework of change, LLL 2008-2010, www.project-predict.eu
  • Common grounds for referencing NQFs and SQFs to the EQF (NQF-SQF), LLP 2010-2012, www.project-nqf-sqf.eu
  • CREDIVOC – Transparency and Mobility through Accreditation of Vocational Learning Outcomes, LLL 2007-2009, www.credivoc.eu
  • Detailed Methodological Approach to understanding the VET educational system in 7 European countries - 7EU-VET, LLP 2010-2013
  • ECO-CRS – European Set up Of a Competence Rating System
  • EQF Flexible References and Methods of Evaluation (EQF Frame), Leonardo da Vinci, 2006-2008
  • ESO-CERT – Utilization of a method for certifying competences for the ECVET, Leonardo da Vinci, 2007-2008, www.eso-csa.com
  • European Auto Sector Competence Meta Framework (EASCMF), Leonardo da Vinci, 2006-2007, www.eascmf.eu
  • European Inventory on Validation of Non-formal and informal learning 2010 – Country Report Austria, European Commission/GHK, 2010
  • EXPERO2EU – ExPerO in European Union: focus on mechatronics, LLL 2008-2010, www.expero2.eu
  • International Service Technician – IST, LLL 2010-2012, www.IST-training.eu
  • M.O.T.O. – Model of Transferability of Learning Outcomes Units, LLL 2009-2011, http://ecvet-moto.isfol.it/
  • MOVET – Moduls for VET for competences in Europe, LLL 2008-2010
  • OBSERVAL – European Observatory of Validation of Non-formal & Informal Learning, LLL 2007-2010, www.eucen.org/OBSERVAL/index.html
  • Permeability in post-secondary VET: Creating the EQF/ECVET bridge – PERMEVET, LLP 2009-2011, www.hiak.no/index.php?ID=2486
  • ReferNet Austria 2011, Cedefop 2011, www.refernet.at
  • Testing and Development of the European Credit Transfer System for Vocational Education and Training – ECVET, European Commission, 2009-2012, www.ecvet-projects.eu/
  • TransEQFrame – Trans-European Qualifications Framework Development, Leonardo da Vinci 2006-2008, www.transeqframe.net
  • Validating Learning for an Inclusive Society (InLearning), LLL 2009-2011
  • VETAS – Vocational Education and Training Network in the Automotive Sector, LLL 2008-2011, www.project-vetas.eu
  • Ways to sustainability (WAYS), LLL 2007-2009, www.project-ways.eu
  • Work-Based Learning Transfer Manual, LLL 2008-2010
  • VQTS Transfer – Implementation of Vocational Qualification Transfer System in Product Engineering and Automation Technology, LLL 2008-2010, www.vqtstransfer.com


For further information please get in touch with Dr. Sigrid Nindl (nindl(at)3s.co(dot)at) or Tanja Bacher (tanja.bacher(at)3s.co(dot)at); www.3s.co.at