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Founded in 1392, closed in the 19th century, and reopened with an ambitious reform programme in 1994, the University of Erfurt is both the youngest and one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Germany. Erfurt fosters worldwide educational exchange, hosts a rapidly growing multi­cultural community of guest scholars and students and has designed an internationally attractive programme of research and study. Teaching and research focus on the humanities and social sciences in four faculties (Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences; Faculty of Education, Faculty of Catholic Theology) and the Max Weber Centre for Cultural and Social Studies (Graduate School). One of two “Key Research Foci” is “Education”. The master programme “Further Education and Educational Technology” is one of the university’s best demanded master programs. In educational research the chair in Learning and Interactive Media is one of Germany’s the most recognized in the domain of instructional design.

Website: http://www.uni-erfurt.de/aewebf/lernen-medien
Presentation, October 2010

UEFs role in the project ProfDRV

The major contribution of the University of Erfurt to the project will be the task and knowledge analysis of the content of the courses to be designed. Knowledge and task analyses are fundamental to ensure the quality of instructional design, but they are often neglected. Knowledge and task analyses are laborious and require expertise in special methods.


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Prof. Dr. Helmut M. Niegemann (helmut.niegemann(at)uni-erfurt(dot)de) or Anna Wohlfarth (anna.wohlfarth(at)uni-erfurt(dot)de); http://www.uni-erfurt.de/aewebf/lernen-medien