is the specialised training institute in the Netherlands for the transport and logistics sector. It facilitates professional and vocational training for employees, managers and entrepreneurs.

VTL offers permanent education to people who already work in this sector, and trains skilled employees for all the branches within the sector.

In close consultation and co-operation with the business community, VTL develops a range of training courses which is geared to the demand of the market. Optimum functioning of the labour market, in the interest of business and employers, is the first matter of importance.

As National Centre of Expertise on Vocation Education, Training and Labour market for the transport and logistics sector, VTL bears the responsibility for the quality control for the professional component of the vocational education.

"VTL is the knowledge and expertise centre for employers and employees in the transport and logistics branch. VTL takes care of the inflow of qualified personnel in the transport and logistics branch and keeps the knowledge and skills of people working in this branch updated."

Website: www.vtl.nl
Organisations presentation, October 2010 

VTLs role in the project ProfDRV

Responsible for work package 2: It is the objective of this work package to explore public and exemplary private VET opportunities currently offered as well as those replaced or superseded with the implementation of directive 2003/59/EC in the countries represented, regarding their ability to address the shortage of qualified professional drivers in Europe and to increase road safety through the training they offer.

nvolvement in related projects

  • Leonardo da Vinci project: Safe EU Driver


For further information please get in touch with
Hans Konings (hkonings(at)vtl(dot)nl) or John van Rijn (jvrijn(at)vtl(dot)nl)